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Nguyen, K.

Baker Hughes, Houston, Texas

Khac Nguyen is an industrial water treatment chemist at Baker Hughes. He develops cooling and boiler water testing procedures and collaborates with research and development (R&D) scientists on water treatment products and programs. Throughout his 32 years in the oil and gas industry, Mr. Nguyen has supervised and managed analytical laboratories, developed statistic studies, led aqueous testing and has provided technical guidance and leadership on special projects. He holds four patents. Mr. Nguyen received his BS degree in chemistry from the University of Houston.

Non-phosphorus corrosion inhibitor optimizes cooling tower uptime for environmental compliance

Baker Hughes: Felipe, M. J.  |  Nguyen, K.  |  Guo, B. B.  |  Sandu, C.  |  Fulmer, D.

Cooling water systems play a critical role in the efficient operation of hydrocarbon processing facilities.

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