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Sandu, C.

Baker Hughes, Sugar Land, Texas

Corina Sandu leads R&D projects at Baker Hughes. She is responsible for R&D for both upstream and downstream, working on chemical and instrumental platforms to mitigate corrosion, fouling and contaminants levels. Dr. Sandu has 13 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. She is a member of the American Chemical Society and the Society of Petroleum Engineers, and she has authored 24 technical publications and holds 12 patents. Dr. Sandu holds a PhD in materials chemistry from the University of Houston and a post-doctorate from Rice University.

Non-phosphorus corrosion inhibitor optimizes cooling tower uptime for environmental compliance

Baker Hughes: Felipe, M. J.  |  Nguyen, K.  |  Guo, B. B.  |  Sandu, C.  |  Fulmer, D.

Cooling water systems play a critical role in the efficient operation of hydrocarbon processing facilities.

Innovative solutions for processing shale oils

Baker Hughes: Sandu, C.  |  Wright, B.

New monitoring protocols can provide advance warning of any negative aspects of shale oil processing, thus enabling the refiner to take corrective measures early.

Fine-tune processing heavy crudes in your facility

Baker Hughes: Falkler, T.  |  Sandu, C.

A better understanding of asphaltene stability in crude oils allows refiners to increase blending of ‘opportunity’ feedstocks

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