Environment & Safety Gas Processing/LNG Maintenance & Reliability Petrochemicals Process Control Process Optimization Project Management Refining

Latour, P. R.

Clifftent Inc., Houston, Texas

Set vapor velocity setpoints profitably

Clifftent Inc.: Latour, P. R.

Use Clifftent principles to account for operating limit tradeoffs and risk to substantially improve financial performance

Demise and keys to the rise of process control

Clifftent Inc.: Latour, P. R.

Modeling the penalty for violating constraints as well as modeling the credit for approaching them, and shared-risk shared-reward business practices are the solutions

What is the optimum U.S. mogas sulfur content?

Clifftent Inc.: Latour, P. R.

Simple algebraic optimization method provides the answer to this and other environmental and plant risk management questions

Why tune control loops? Why make control loops?

Clifftent Inc.: Latour, P. R.

Enterprise integration has abundant powerful technology capable of generating great value for the HPI, yet business issues, not technology, hamper its commercial success. The major impe..

HP Control: Quantifying financial values

Clifftent Inc.: Latour, P. R.

I often read technical and business articles that cry out for a method to more accurately quantify the financial value of dynamic system performance improvements. Such a method has been..

HP Control: Optimize the $19-billion CIMfuels profit split

Clifftent Inc.: Latour, P. R.

In the July 1997 "H P In Control" column, I raised the question, "Does the HPI do its CIM business right?" That was followed with a letter to the editor in Jan. '98 on "Decision-making and modeling in..

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