Pradhan, S.

Consulting Engineer, London, UK

Shiraz Pradhan is a mechanical engineer with extensive experience in high- and low-speed machinery and associated systems’ designs. He has worked in the steel, oil and gas, and petrochemicals industries and has been involved in several petrochemical mega-projects for ExxonMobil in the US, the Far East and the Middle East (joint ventures). With his experience in engineering designs, machinery maintenance and life extension, and failure avoidance, he has developed specialization in risk and reliability engineering and simulations of large, integrated, industrial complexes with demonstrable and significant improvements in uptime and failure and cost reductions. Mr. Pradhan has one patent, has authored several technical papers and has contributed engineering texts for well-known authors. He earned a B.Sc. degree from the University of East Africa and an MS degree from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Can nuclear power plant methodologies help improve hydrocarbon processing reliability?—Part 1

Pradhan, S., Consulting Engineer; Zamora, A. A., Tecnicas Reunidas

Safety requirements within nuclear power plants (NPPs) have encouraged the development of several rigorous methodologies that, in turn, have stimulated excellence in operability, availability, reliability and maintenance to the extent that numerous guides and standards now regulate that industry.