Anwer, A.

Contributing Writer, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ashfaq Anwer is an Inspection Professional with 15 yr of experience in ammonia-urea complexes, petrochemical units, and oil and gas industries. He has extensive expertise in material selection, corrosion mapping and control, fitness-for-service studies, defining inspection framework and implementing inspection plans for old and new units.

Corrosion: Address damage caused by galvanic corrosion

Anwer, A., Qureshi, N., Contributing Writer

At petrochemical and refining facilities, it is common for U-clamps over piping runs to become corroded, sometimes to the extent where they are completely thinned out.

External chloride stress corrosion cracking: Phenomenon and protection

Anwer, A., Contributing Writer

After carbon steel, stainless steel remains the most commonly used material in the petrochemicals and oil and gas industries.