Dickson, D.

Deloitte Services, Stamford, Connecticut

Duane Dickson as more than 38 yr of business and consulting experience in senior leadership positions in major industrial and health care products companies. He is a Vice Chairman and Principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Energy Resources and Industrials industry group, as well as the U.S. Oil, Gas and Chemicals sector leader.

Business Trends: Are chemical companies ready for the future of work?

Dickson, D., Deloitte Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant, short-term disruption to the chemical industry, potentially leading to long-term impacts.

Business Trends: One downstream—Strategic imperatives for the evolving refining and chemical sectors

Dickson, D., Slaughter, A., Deloitte Services; Mittal, A., Deloitte Services LP

Downstream executives will remember the present decade as a golden age for the industry, driven by low feedstock prices and healthy end-use demand.