Molinier, M.

ExxonMobil Chemical Co., Houston, Texas

Michel Molinier is the Aromatics Technical Sales Manager with ExxonMobil Catalysts & Licensing (EMCL). He has nearly 20 yr of experience in petrochemical processes and 30 yr of experience in heterogeneous catalysis. Dr. Molinier joined ExxonMobil Chemical Co. in 2001 as a senior chemist and worked on several research projects prior to transferring to licensing activities in 2005. He has held various commercial and technical positions within EMCL, and is handling technical sales for all ExxonMobil xylenes processes licensed by EMCL or its partner Axens. Dr. Molinier holds an MS degree in physical chemistry from the University of Bordeaux (France) and a PhD in solid-state chemistry from Philipps Universität Marburg (Germany).

A new liquid-phase isomerization process for xylene loop debottleneck and energy savings

Mhatre, S., Warke, V., Reliance Industries Ltd.; Choi, A., Molinier, M., Saple, A., ExxonMobil Chemical Co.

In a typical xylene loop, C8 aromatics are fractionated out of a heavy reformate C8+ aromatics stream and collected in the xylene column overhead. Then, paraxylene (PX) from the C8 aromatics stream is recovered as product—usually by an adsorption or crystallization process—in the PX recovery section.