Geronimo, G. DI

ExxonMobil Rotterdam refinery, The Netherlands

Giovanni Di Geronimo is a Process Safety Engineer at ExxonMobil’s Rotterdam refinery. He holds a Bch degree in chemical engineering from Universidad Simon Bolivar and an MSc degree in process engineering from Imperial College London.

Coke drum and blowdown system overpressure protection design—Part 2

Geronimo, G. DI, ExxonMobil Rotterdam refinery; Ceary, P. J., Markham, N., ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Co.; Groenendijk, S., Moreno, Y., Fluor

The blowdown (BD) system in delayed coking units (DCUs) receives waste streams generated during the coke drum (CD) decoking process to recover valuable hydrocarbons and water.