Yoder, J.

Flow Research Inc., Wakefield Massachusetts

Jesse Yoder, President and Founder of Flow Research Inc., has more than 30 yr of experience writing about and analyzing process control and instrumentation markets, beginning as President and Founder of Idea Network. In addition to writing market studies, Dr. Yoder spent 10 yr as a technical writer, including 4 yr writing technical manuals and training guides for the process control division of Siemens. Dr. Yoder served for 10 yr as an adjunct philosophy professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and Lafayette College. Dr. Yoder has received two patents for new flowmeter designs. Several prototypes of these designs have been built and are being tested. He has led the research for more than 250 market studies, published nearly 300 articles on flow and instrumentation in industry journals, and written two books. His book, The Tao of Measurement: A Philosophical View of Flow and Sensors, with co-contributor Richard E. Morley, was published in 2015 by the International Society of Automation (ISA). Topics covered include temperature, pressure, flow, time, length and area. Dr. Yoder is now writing another book, titled Advances in Flow Measurement, which is scheduled for publication in 2020 by CRC Press.

Fluid Flow: Energy markets, product improvements drive growth in the global flowmeter market

Yoder, J., Flow Research Inc.

The size of the global flowmeter market has followed the upward and downward fluctuations in oil prices and is now on an upward trajectory, according to a new study by Flow Research that provides total global market shares of the major suppliers of each flowmeter technology (except sonar and optical) by 2018 revenues.