Sharma, B. K.

Fluor Daniel India, Haryana, India

Brijesh Kumar Sharma is a Mechanical Engineer at Fluor Daniel India Pvt. Ltd. He holds a BE degree in engineering from the Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology in Longowal, India.

Design considerations for rigging and transportation of large process columns

Sharma, B. K., Bahadur, A., Fluor Daniel India

Design guidelines for rigging and transporting large process columns are outlined in this article, along with the various aspects that should be considered during the initial design phase of equipment.

Determine the design metal temperature for a secondary reformer

Sharma, B. K., Fluor Daniel India

An air-burning system should be designed so that there is no maintenance required between scheduled shutdowns every two years. To achieve this, a metal temperature study should be carried out for the design of the pressure parts and for the refractory design.