Kister, H. Z.

Fluor Daniel, Aliso Viejo, California

Henry Z. Kister is a Fluor Corp. Senior Fellow and Director of fractionation technology. He is the author of three books and more than 100 articles, and he internationally teaches the IChemE-sponsored practical distillation course. Mr. Kister has received several industry recognition awards, is a Fellow of IChemE and AIChE and a member of NAE, and serves on the FRI Technical Advisory and Design Practices Committees.

Stable thermosiphon reboiler operation: With or without a valve in the inlet piping?

Kister, H. Z., Fluor Daniel; Van Doorn, E., Fluor

A reboiler provides the necessary heat duty for the separation in a distillation tower.

Combine temperature surveys, field tests and gamma scans for effective troubleshooting

Duarte Pinto, R., Perez, M., PDVSA El Palito Refinery; Kister, H. Z., Fluor Daniel

Each method offers pros and cons; yet combined, these techniques form a powerful tool to diagnose operational problems in fractionators

Troubleshoot chimney trays effectively

Kister, H. Z., Fluor Daniel; Blum, B., Rosenzweig, T., Oil Refineries Ltd.

Misapplication of chimney trays can hinder tower operations; six examples detail how to diagnose and debottleneck such trays