Orzeszko, G.

Grupa LOTOS Gdańsk refinery, Poland

Grzegorz Orzeszko is the hydrocracking complex manager at the Grupa LOTOS Gdańsk refinery, and worked in Grupa LOTOS’ investment department on the 10+ Programme for five years. He was responsible for the Shell Global Solutions DAO hydrocracker from its initial basis of design through the investment process to startup. Mr. Orzeszko earned an MS degree in chemical technology from AGH University of Science and Technology in Poland.

Unlock next-level hydrocracker flexibility in today’s turbulent markets

Baric, J., Shell Global Solutions International BV; Kang, D.-H., Hyundai Oilbank Daesan refinery; Orzeszko, G., Grupa LOTOS Gdańsk refinery

As a critical catalytic conversion unit, the hydrocracker provides refiners with valuable feedstock and product slate flexibility.

New residue-upgrading complex achieves Euro 5 specifications

de Haan, D., Criterion Catalysts and Technologies; Street, M., Shell Global Solutions International BV; Orzeszko, G., Grupa LOTOS Gdańsk refinery

In late 2010, Grupa LOTOS SA completed construction of a major residue-upgrading project at its refinery in Gdańsk, Poland. Its 10+ Program was designed to unlock a step change in the facility’s long-term profitability. After two years of operating, this project has had a profound effect on the refinery’s economics.