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Bhargava, M.

GTC Technology US, LLC, Houston, Texas

Manish Bhargava is licensing manager for advanced distillation systems for GTC Technology US LLC. Mr. Bhargava has over 15 years of industry experience in the process industry. Prior to joining GTC, he worked at KBR as the principal technical professional, and with DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd. as a process engineer. He graduated with an MS degree in chemical engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Dividing wall column applications in FCC naphtha splitter columns

GTC Technology US, LLC: Bhargava, M.  |  Kalita, R.  |  Gentry, J. C.

Dividing wall column (DWC) technology is becoming more widely accepted throughout the process industries as a means to increase efficiency and reduce capital and energy costs.

Distillation—Then and now

GTC Technology US, LLC: Gentry, J. C.  |  Bhargava, M.
GTC Process Equipment Technology: Binkley, M. J.

Distillation is the most often used means to separate two or more components, exploiting the physical properties of different boiling points.

Maximize LPG recovery from fuel gas using a dividing wall column

GTC Technology US, LLC: Gentry, J. C.  |  Bhargava, M.  |  Nelson, C.  |  Siddamshetti, V.

Refiners are challenged to recover LPG from mixed fuel gas streams due to the difficulty of separating the lighter components from bulk gas. To maintain profitability, it is essential to direct all of the crude oil components to the optimum disposition. This practice is becoming more significant due to increasing LPG demand in some countries and the supply of lighter crudes in countries such as the US.

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