Rao, P. V. C.

Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd. (HPCL), Bangalore, India

Peddy V. C. Rao is Chief General Manager at HPCL’s R&D center in Bangalore. He holds a PhD in chemical sciences from the IIT at Bombay, and has more than 26 yr of research experience in petrochemicals, petroleum/refining processes, catalysis, biofuels and resid upgrading. Dr. Rao holds more than 26 patents, both inside and outside of India, and has published approximately 80 research papers in international journals. He is also responsible for the developmentand commercialization of several products and processes.

Production of renewable fuels in existing refinery assets: A cost-effective coprocessing strategy

Kumar Dhar, P., Meesala, L., Kumar, P., Valavarasu, G., Rao, P. V. C., Sriganesh, G., Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd. (HPCL)

Vegetable oils are a renewable biomass resource used in the production of biofuels. Biodiesel production from transesterification of vegetable oils (fatty acid methyl ester, or FAME) is the primary route for producing biofuels from vegetable oils.

Use a mixed-solvent process to boost lube base oil yields and profitability

Through research and development (R&D), the commercial application of a mixed-solvent (MS) approach using a mixture of different co-solvents resulted in higher lube raffinate yields without affecting the lube oil quality.

Visbreaking technology: Is it obsolete, or is there potential for upgrade?

Kumar, P., Rao, P. V. C., Choudary, N. V., Sriganesh, G., Singh, P., Kumar, K. M., Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd. (HPCL)

Visbreaking technology is a well-known, simple thermal cracking process for residual oils.

Improve FCC margins by processing more vacuum residue in feed

Shidhaye, H., Kukade, S., Kumar, P., Rao, P. V. C., Choudary, N. V., Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd. (HPCL)

With the greater processing of heavy crude oils in refineries, the importance of fluid catalytic cracking units (FCCUs) has increased.