DuBose, Ben

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff, Houston, Texas

HP Petrochemicals: Polyolefin producers may reap benefits from lower oil prices

DuBose, Ben, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

With lower energy costs boosting discretionary income, those petrochemical producers focusing on plastics could soon find a holiday bonus in the form of increased demand for their products.

HP Forecast: 2015 downstream forecast reaches all-time high

Romanow, Stephany, DuBose, Ben, Blume, Adrienne, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

In 2015, the HPI’s capital, maintenance and operating budgets are expected to exceed $324 B. Global announced project spending continues to surge to satisfy increasing demand for petroleum products.

HP Petrochemicals: Ethane cracking spurs need for on-purpose butadiene technologies

DuBose, Ben, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Several companies are teaming up to develop technology to produce butadiene from the suddenly-abundant butane supplies from the US shale boom.

HP Petrochemicals: Major US players turn focus to propane dehydrogenation

DuBose, Ben, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

As of today, seven projects have been proposed in the field of propane dehydrogenation (PDH), which can convert propane into propylene as well as the byproduct hydrogen.

HP Petrochemicals: Future vehicle design will need collaboration among HPI and auto manufacturers

DuBose, Ben, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

The US automotive market is under stress to meet new corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) targets of 50 mpg for 2025 model vehicles. The tighter fuel specifications will bring together automobile man..

HP Petrochemicals: Rail safety becoming key issue for US, Canadian producers

DuBose, Ben, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

The first five years of the modern shale revolution have been a boon for petrochemical producers throughout North America. While proposed energy exporters must go through lengthy approval processes an..

Top HPI Projects

Romanow, Stephany, Thinnes, Billy, DuBose, Ben, Blume, Adrienne, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Construction of HPI projects involves numerous risks for several parties. The design and construction of such complexes can take years, from project announcement to commissioning of the complexes. The..

HP Industry Perspectives: Middle East threatened by North American petrochemical exports

DuBose, Ben, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

North American petrochemical producers have had lofty margins in recent years, given ample ethane feedstocks derived from the regional shale boom.Those margins, in turn, are leading to plans for new c..

HP Forecast: HPI Market Data 2014 Executive Summary

Romanow, Stephany, DuBose, Ben, Blume, Adrienne, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

This summary provides a "sneak peek" at Hydrocarbon Processing's HPI Market Data 2014. This comprehensive report investigates present and projected future trends in refining, natural gas and petrochemical industries. Topics include spending forecasts and construction projects derived from HP's Construction Boxscore database; global and regional changes in energy production and use; and developments in oil and natural gas processing. HPI Market Data 2014 also covers trends in economics, plant safety and the environment. This annual report is the hydrocarbon processing industry's premier source of market information for professionals working in the downstream.

HP Industry Perspectives: POLL FINDINGS: Pipelines remain crude route of choice for North American refiners

DuBose, Ben, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

While the Keystone XL pipeline project remains in limbo, the concept behind it is very much alive.Roughly 70% of industry respondents predict that pipelines will be the most popular crude oil transpor..