Smith, Ashley

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff, Houston, Texas

WGLC ’17: Growing gender diversity in STEM fields

HOUSTON — Preparing young women for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields was the focus of Tuesday morning’s panel session during day 2 of the Women’s Global Leadership Conference (WGLC) in Houston.

WGLC ’17: Gender diversity, technological advances and the ‘disruption’ of the energy industry

HOUSTON — Where the state of the energy industry is and how gender and diversity affects it was the focus of Hind Farag’s presentation during the opening session of the Women’s Global Leadership Conference Wednesday, Nov. 1 in Houston.

Active hurricane season creates uncertainty in US O&G industry

With Hurricane Harvey still fresh in the minds of those on the Gulf Coast, and Hurricane Irma making its way through Florida, the last few weeks of the 2017 hurricane season has shaken up the upstream and downstream sides of the oil and gas industry, causing more uncertainty in an already volatile industry.

Revamps, modernization and expansion come as oil glut continues

Announcements over the past few weeks from refiners modernizing, revamping or expanding refineries around the world show the impact the crude oil stockpiles are having on the downstream industry.

Asian-Pacific refiners take advantage of US oil glut

Refiners from the Asian-Pacific are lining up to take advantage of the lower-priced US oil as OPEC countries continue to cut output.

Collaborating on downstream digital solutions

In the last few weeks, news of new digital solutions has risen as research and development (R&D) focuses more on the digitization of the industry. Also increasing are the number of HPI companies collaborating with technologically savvy companies to develop specific digital solutions for the HPI industry.

Asia’s refinery delays can only help with oil glut

Seeing the startup of a refinery project delayed usually has a negative connotation, but the announcement of several Asian refinery delays, will allow OPEC producers, and leading providers to Asia, Saudia Arabia and Russia to extend output cuts, giving some relief to the oil glut the industry is still facing.

Trump’s climate dilemma: Will US remain in the Paris Accord?

US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson signed an agreement at a meeting of the Arctic nations Thursday, recognizing the Paris climate accord. With the signing of this agreement, what does that say about the administration’s stand on the Paris accord, and will the President decide the US should stay in it?

Is the O&G industry becoming more ‘green’?

While the term “environmentally conscious” doesn’t spring forth images of the oil and gas industry, the fact is, the industry is consistently implementing new ways to reduce its carbon footprint, integrating new fuels into its business and updating its refineries with newer, environmentally friendly technology.

Embracing the digital revolution

The digital revolution is here, and the oil and gas industry is finally catching up and embracing the new technologies available.

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