Krishnan, V.

IBM Corp., Denver, Colorado

Viswanath Krishnan is an IBM Global Industry Executive and thought leader with 25 yr of hands-on expertise in the chemicals and petroleum industries, particularly around manufacturing and the supply chain. He has worked in multiple geographies on various projects, including greenfield and established refineries and petrochemical complexes. In his present role, Dr. Krishnan works with clients to develop innovative capabilities that leverage digital reinvention. His areas of focus include applications of the IoT, blockchain and cognitive capabilities to the process industry. Prior to joining IBM, he worked with AspenTech and Schneider. Dr. Krishnan holds a PhD in chemical engineering.

Business Trends: Advent of cognitive applications and the IoT in process manufacturing

Krishnan, V., IBM Corp.

Process manufacturing, which typically includes refining, petrochemicals and commodities chemicals, has traditionally focused on stability, controllability and optimization.