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Urata, K.

JX Nippon, Tokyo, Japan

Kohei Urata is part of the senior staff of JX Nippon Oil and Energy Corp. in Kawasaki, Japan. He holds a BS degree in chemical science from Tokyo Institute of Technology and an MS degree in chemistry and materials science.

Reduce coke formation and save operating costs with optimization of DMDS into ethane cracking furnaces

Virtual Materials Group Inc.: Hay, G.  |  Rasouli, G.  |  Carbognani-Arambarri, L.
JX Nippon: Suzuki, R.  |  Urata, K.  |  Inoue, M.

Steam cracking furnaces produce olefins, which are high-value feeds in the petrochemical industry. Coke formation is an unavoidable part of a thermal cracking furnace.

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