Heisel, M.

Linde AG, Unterschleissheim, Germany

Minimize carbon footprint from Claus tail-gas units

Heisel, M., Linde AG; Rameshni, M., WorleyParsons

Reevaluate emissions efficiencies on sulfur-removal operations

Debottleneck operations due to 'cleaner fuels' production

de Lourdes Conde, M., Heisel, M., Linde AG; Schreiner, B., Linde AG, Linde Gas Division

Oxygen enrichment is an option to reduce loadings for Claus plant

Consider onsite gas supply to meet processing needs

Heisel, M., Linde AG; Scholz, G., Schweer, D., Linde AG, Gas and Engineering

By outsourcing industrial gas sources, refiners can focus resources – capital and manpower – on upgrading crude oil into higher-value products