Darji, P.

L&T-Chiyoda Ltd., India

P. Darji works as a lead piping stress engineer at L&T-Chiyoda Ltd., Baroda, India. He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Pune. Mr. Darji has 11 years of experience in piping stress analysis and troubleshooting for numerous refinery and petrochemical plants. He has also worked for Reliance, Bechtel and Linde.

Causes and mitigation of thermal bowing in process piping design

Darji, P., Dholakia, M., Chaube, N., L&T-Chiyoda Ltd.

The authors encountered pipe thermal bowing problems in recently executed projects. These practical problems are discussed in three case studies, after a brief description of the thermal bowing concept and common reasons for the occurrence of this phenomenon.

Calculate thermal growth of a fractionation tower for piping engineering

Darji, P., Chaube, N., Dave, N., L&T-Chiyoda Ltd.

The fractionation tower/column is common processing equipment in the petroleum refinery and chemical industry.