Ford, J.

MAVERICK Technologies, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Jim Ford is a Senior Consultant with MAVERICK Technologies, a Rockwell Automation company, in the automation solutions division. Dr. Ford is a subject matter expert in advanced process control in a wide variety of industries. He earned his PhD in chemical engineering from Tulane University.

Migrating from Fortran to ISA S-88

Ford, J., Kolluri, T., Bozeman, J., MAVERICK Technologies

A major refiner operates two catalytic reforming units for gasoline octane improvement and aromatics production in Texas. In each of these units, five reactors filled with catalyst are operated continuously in series to reform paraffinic hydrocarbons in the presence of hydrogen (H2). During this process, some byproduct coke is unavoidably produced and deposits on the catalyst, which leads to gradual catalyst deactivation.

Use model-based temperature control for fixed-bed reactors

Weatherford, D., BASF Corp.; Ford, J., MAVERICK Technologies

A process unit at BASF’s Geismar, Louisiana manufacturing facility contains a series of six packed-bed reactors filled with a proprietary catalyst. This catalyst promotes an exothermic reaction, ..