Dutta, H.

Nayara Energy Ltd.,

Hirak Dutta is the Head Safety Adviser for Nayara Energy Ltd. and the former Executive Director of the Oil Industry Safety Directorate (OISD) for the Indian Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, where he was responsible for the development of safety standards and for overseeing the safety implementation of the country’s entire hydrocarbon sector, both for public and private enterprises. Mr. Dutta has more than 37 yr of experience in process design and engineering, operations, troubleshooting, safety management, project management and human resource management at various refineries and at the corporate office of Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. He has authored many papers on technical and safety management that have been published in national and international journals, and he has presented at conferences around the world. Mr. Dutta earned a degree in chemical engineering from Jadavpur University and a condensed MBA at the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad.

Building blocks of process safety

Dutta, H., Nayara Energy Ltd.

Major incidents continue to strike the oil and gas industry at regular intervals.