Oktem, U.

Near-Miss Management, LLC, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ulku Oktem is cofounder and President of Near-Miss Management LLC. She is a globally recognized expert in the field of near-misses, and her pioneering research has been heavily adopted by chemical companies and safety organizations such as CCPS and OSHA. Dr. Oktem also serves as adjunct professor at the operations and information management department, and as senior research fellow, at the Risk Center of the Wharton Business School. Her prior industry experience includes managing product development of specialty chemicals at Rohm & Haas. She earned a BS degree from the Middle East Technical University in Turkey, an MS degree from Clarkson College and a PhD from the University of Delaware, all in chemical engineering.

Minimize operations risks for increased resilience, safety and reliability

Pariyani, A., Oktem, U., Near-Miss Management, LLC

According to the Roman philosopher Seneca, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” The reverse also is true, particularly in the context of safety in the process industry.