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Sadowski, S.

Netherlocks Safety Systems, Frankfurt, Germany

Stephan Sadowski is the branch manager for Netherlocks Safety Systems and SMITH Flow Control Ltd. in Germany. He has been working in mechanical process safety since 1997, and has held roles in technical service, design, product development and sales. He specializes in the development and sales of customized solutions, particularly for the combination of mechanics- and electronics-based systems design competences. Mr. Sadowski holds a graduate mechanical engineering degree from the Gießen-Friedberg University of Applied Sciences.

Managing complex changeover processes for integrated cracking furnace safety

Netherlocks Safety Systems: van Diessen, S.  |  Sadowski, S.

Cracking furnace operations (e.g., for the steam cracking of naphtha feedstock into olefins) are an essential part of hydrocarbon (HC) refining; however, they are known to be potentially dangerous and complex to manage.

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