Long, P.

Opportune LLP,

Patrick Long is a Director in Opportune LLP’s Process & Technology practice. He has more than 20 yr of experience in providing clients with energy trading and risk management, packaged software implementation, trading and risk processes and business process automation. Mr. Long leads the BI initiative within the firm. He focuses on applying BI tools (e.g., Spotfire and Tableau) to client data to allow proper insight for management around both upstream and downstream business issues. His main focus for clients is making sense of inventory to address management questions. Prior to joining Opportune, he worked in the energy consulting trading and risk systems practice at Accenture, where he managed multiple project teams through the entire process of software selection to successful implementation of trading and risk management systems for energy trading entities.

Supply Chain: Thinking outside the box: Unconventional supply chain planning

Long, P., Opportune LLP

When you think of your supply chain, what do you consider? For a traditional downstream refiner, you may include pipeline, truck, rail and vessel logistics. Where inventory is stored is another consideration.