Murray, P.


In 1989, Phil Murray recognized the need to provide technology-based solutions to hazardous industries to reduce operational risk, and to help them move beyond compliance to optimize operational performance and drive continuous improvement. In response to this need, he founded Petrotechnics. Today, Mr. Murray is responsible for managing and driving global teams to support Petrotechnics’ customers in more than 22 countries. For more than 25 yr, Mr. Murray has been instrumental in changing the way people work, giving them the tools to manage the relationship between operational performance and risk. Prior to founding Petrotechnics, he spent 10 yr with BP in a variety of technical, operational and managerial roles. He has won numerous business awards and has authored a number of articles.

Viewpoint: Operational excellence—The path to world-class performance

Murray, P., Petrotechnics

Why is operational excellence (OE) increasingly being recognized as the path to world-class performance?