Barletta, T.

Process Consulting Services, Inc., Houston, Texas

Consider retrofits to handle high-viscosity crudes

Barletta, T., Process Consulting Services, Inc.; Kurzym, K. J., ConocoPhillips

Refiners must fine-tune crude unit process design and energy balance to process a heavy feedslate

Pump cavitation caused by entrained gas

Barletta, T., Process Consulting Services, Inc.

Here's how the problem was solved on an FCC main fractionator

Consider comprehensive CPD efforts to cut costs

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With performance real-time field data, designers can devise process retrofits at the conceptual stage that control project scope and minimize engineering revisions during FEED and detailed engineering

Diagnose flooding columns efficiently

Barletta, T., Nigg, J., Process Consulting Services, Inc.; Landry, W., Mayfield, J., Ruoss, S., Tosco Refining Co.

Using field pressure data, a refiner made a low-capital modification on a crude distillation column to increase throughput without a shutdown