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Tiyawongsakul, T.

Rayong Engineering & Plant Service Co. Ltd., Rayong, Thailand

Tiyawut Tiyawongsakul is a Furnace Specialist and a Modeling and Simulation Engineer with an emphasis on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and combustion at REPCO, a subsidiary of SCG Chemicals, in Thailand. He has been responsible for furnace reliability improvement and problem solving projects, including research and development of the carburization inspection robot at SCG Chemicals, since 2008. He earned an MSc degree in mechanical engineering, focusing on combustion and emissions reduction technologies, from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

Carburization inspection robots for radiant tubes inside ethylene cracking furnaces

Rayong Engineering & Plant Service Co. Ltd.: Tiyawongsakul, T.

In an olefins plant, the reliability of ethylene cracking furnaces is one of the deciding factors used to indicate whether or not the plant can be operated at its design productivity.

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