Saha, S.

Reliance Refinery, Jamnagar, India

Intelligent indexing is key to 3D CAD plant modeling

Saha, S., Reliance Refinery; Nair, A., Reliance Ports and Terminals Ltd.

Indexing is a key activity in CAD modeling. Arbitrary indexing of the models invariably leads to problems, as discussed in this article.

Estimate water hammer loads in steam piping

Darji, P., Saha, S., Reliance Refinery

The problem is more complicated because of the two-phase flow

Use of pipework dampers to reduce piping vibrations

Saha, S., Reliance Refinery

This method has been applied successfully in operating facilities to increase dynamic reliability and plant life

Calculating temperature profiles of critical pipe supports

Saha, S., Soni, R. K., Reliance Refinery

This method gives more accurate nozzle loads for strain-sensitive equipment

An effective method for analyzing piping vibration problems

Saha, S., Rastogi, R., Reliance Refinery; Bhattachrya, A., Bechtel India Pvt Ltd.

The matching mode shape technique combines field vibration data with natural frequency information