Kiesbauer, J.

Samson AG, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Consider life-cycle costs in specifying control valves

Latest approach improves sizing valves while also incorporating total ownership investment

Improvement of IEC 60534-8-3 standard for noise prediction in control valves

Fairly simple changes lead to a considerable improvement in accuracy

Predicting cavitation damage in control valves

Kiesbauer, J., Vnucec, D., Samson AG; Roth, M., Stoffel, B., Darmstadt University of Technology

New method evaluates noise in the ultrasonic range

Improved valve sizing for multiphase flow

Kiesbauer, J., Samson AG; Diener, R., BASF AG; Schmidt, J., c/o BASF AG

HNE-DS method is based on an expansion factor similar to the gaseous media to account for changes in mixture density

Control valves for critical applications

Kiesbauer, J., Samson AG

Know the causes of cavitation and flashing and how to prevent them