Lee, F. M.

Shin-Chuang Technology Co. Ltd., Taiwan, Republic of China

Fu-Ming Lee is the Senior Consultant at Shin Chuang Technology, pioneering in developing ED technology developments. He has more than 40 yr of experience in the refining and petrochemicals industries. Dr. Lee holds 68 U.S. patents (39 in ED) and has written 43 articles in technical publications (26 in ED). He earned BS and MS degrees, as well as a PhD, in chemical engineering (fmlee1227@gmail.com).

An advanced extractive distillation process for aromatics recovery

Lee, F. M., Shen, M. Z. Y., Chen, C. Y., Shin-Chuang Technology Co. Ltd.; Chen, Y. H., Cartell Chemical; Hsu, K. C. R., International Innotech Inc.

This article focuses on a novel extractive distillation (ED) process for recovering benzene, toluene and xylene (BTX) aromatics from a full-boiling-range pyrolysis gasoline or reformate feedstock—a process that has been commercially demonstrated and is ready for licensing or a JV.