Shen, M. Z. Y.

Shin-Chuang Technology Co. Ltd., Taiwan, Republic of China

Mark Zih-Yao Shen is a Senior Research Scientist at Shin Chuang Technology. His experience includes the desulfurization of diesel. Dr. Shin earned BS and MS degrees, as well as a PhD, in chemistry from National Chiayi University, Taiwan.

An advanced extractive distillation process for aromatics recovery

Lee, F. M., Shen, M. Z. Y., Chen, C. Y., Shin-Chuang Technology Co. Ltd.; Chen, Y. H., Cartell Chemical; Hsu, K. C. R., International Innotech Inc.

This article focuses on a novel extractive distillation (ED) process for recovering benzene, toluene and xylene (BTX) aromatics from a full-boiling-range pyrolysis gasoline or reformate feedstock—a process that has been commercially demonstrated and is ready for licensing or a JV.