Snider, B.

Small Hammer Inc., Houston, Texas

is president and chief consultant of Small Hammer Inc., a consulting company specializing in refinery and facility management. He has 40 years of experience in maintenance, operation, management and consulting at refineries, chemical manufacturing complexes, pipeline networks and gas processing sites. He holds degrees in mechanical engineering from West Virginia University and an MBA degree in organizational psychology from American Intercontinental University.

Business Trends: Human reliability—a disruptive innovation

Snider, B., Small Hammer Inc.

Annual bottom-line losses due to equipment failures total more than $100 MM at major refineries and petrochemical complexes. Corporate executives charge plant personnel with improving the reliability of the facility.

Failure prevention—The ultimate asset management strategy

Snider, B., Small Hammer Inc.

The primary cause for losses and lost opportunities at refineries, chemical complexes, pipeline networks and gas processing facilities is equipment failures.