Liu, Z.

Sulzer GTC Technology, Houston, Texas

Best practices for pygas-based styrene extraction

Liu, Z., Joshi, S., Ma, H., Zhang, R., Sulzer GTC Technology

Pyrolysis gasoline (pygas) is a by-produced fraction of hydrocarbons generated from a steam cracker.

Optimize the “molecule management” of butanes for transportation fuels and petrochemical applications

Liu, Z., Sulzer GTC Technology; Feng, X., Sun, B., Sulzer GTC (Beijing) Technology; Karpenko, T., Demidova, E., SIE Neftehim

With new legislative measurements implemented to combat global climate change, global environmental protection regulations are becoming more stringent. Tighter specifications are being enforced on gasoline pool components.

Best practices for aromatics extractive distillation in integrated complexes

Liu, Z., Wang, Y., Zhao, L., Sulzer GTC Technology

Integrated refining/aromatics/olefins complexes are an efficient and effective configuration to maximize crude oil feedstock value and optimize the value of the entire product chain.