Avcilar, S.

TÜPRAŞ, İzmit, Turkey

Şeyma Avcılar is a Process Superintendent responsible for unit and catalyst monitoring, troubleshooting, optimization, catalyst and additive trials, and revamp and design projects for the FCC, delayed coker and Prime G units. She received a BS in chemical engineering and chemistry and an MS degree in polymer chemistry from Bogazici University.

Feed nozzle effects on yields and operation of FCCUs

The first-generation, proprietary feed distributorsa had open-pipe bayonets that were located at the base of the wye section/riser.

Additive solutions to SOx emissions in FCCUs

Genç, M., Dalgıç, E., Karani, U., Emiroglu, I., Er, I., Gul, A., Avcilar, S., TÜPRAŞ; Ventham, T., Johnson Matthey Process Technologies

Sulfur oxide additives are typically based on hydrotalcite or magnesium aluminate spinel-type structures. Magnesium alumina is the pickup agent present in the most effective SOx additives on the market; therefore, to optimize SOx reduction, it is critical to maximize the amount of the critical magnesium component in the fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU) in an efficient and cost-effective way.