Şanli, H. Ç.

Tüpraş, İzmir, Turkey

Handan Çevik Şanli is a Process Control Superintendent responsible for implementation, maintenance and performance monitoring of APC projects for Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corp. Her responsibilities include base layer control enhancement; distributed control system (DCS) management and configuration for process control schemes; alarm management implementations for refineries; and identification of new advanced control and DCS level control strategies for increased operational benefits and optimization. Ms. Şanli earned a BS degree in chemical engineering from Middle East Technical University, and an MS degree in engineering management from the Izmir Institute of Technology. She can be reached at handan.cevik@tupras.com.tr.

Base layer enhancement study for crude oil distillation process

Şanli, H. Ç., Er, B., Tüpraş

Base layer control is one of the most important stages of a process control system hierarchy for refinery applications.