Dalgıç, E.

Tüpraş, Korfez, Turkey

Eda Bayraktar Dalgıç is a Process and Equipment Development Superintendent at Tupras refineries. Her scope of work includes simulations of processing and utility units, revamp projects, supplying shift vectors to the planning department, simulation training and troubleshooting. Her previous experience includes positions as a process chief for FCC, visbreaker and coker units, and as a sales executive at Kılavuz Process Solutions. She received a BS degree and an MS degree in chemical engineering from METU.

Additive solutions to SOx emissions in FCCUs

Genç, M., Dalgıç, E., Karani, U., Emiroglu, I., Er, I., Gül, A., Avcilar, S., Tüpraş; Ventham, T., Johnson Matthey Process Technologies

Sulfur oxide additives are typically based on hydrotalcite or magnesium aluminate spinel-type structures. Magnesium alumina is the pickup agent present in the most effective SOx additives on the market; therefore, to optimize SOx reduction, it is critical to maximize the amount of the critical magnesium component in the fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU) in an efficient and cost-effective way.