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Averill, W.

Visual Performance Solutions, Inc., Annapolis, Maryland

Warren Averill has been developing and perfecting a worldclass console operator training program, with an emphasis on conceptual troubleshooting skills, for almost three decades. Throughout his career, he has served as the lead on a long series of successful documentation and training projects for most major refining companies at more than 25 refineries and oil production plants. From 1990 to 2003, Mr. Averill was the Chief Engineer for the petrochemical training solutions department at RWD Technologies Inc. In 2003, he founded Visual Performance Solutions Inc. Mr. Averill holds a BS degree in electrical engineering from Oklahoma University, and an MS degree in electrical engineering from the Naval Post Graduate School.

Conceptual troubleshooting training for refinery operators

Visual Performance Solutions, Inc.: Averill, W.

Throughout the refining industry, the average number of years of experience for console operators is decreasing, as large numbers of very experienced console operators are retiring.

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