Chung, W.

Well Resources Inc., Alberta, Canada

Warren Chung is the President of Well Resources Inc. He specializes in assessing the commercial readiness of novel technologies, project development and process licensing. Mr. Chung developed best practice protocols for the Ionikylation technology. He holds a BS degree in chemical and biomedical engineering from the University of Alberta in Canada. He is also a registered professional engineer in Alberta.

Safe and sustainable alkylation: Performance and update on composite ionic liquid alkylation technology

Chung, W., Well Resources Inc.; Zhang, R., Beijing Zhongshi Aojie Petroleum Technology Co.; Song, D., PetroChina Harbin Petrochemical Co.

Market and regulatory factors are pressuring refiners to adopt safe and sustainable processes for the production of clean-burning and environmentally friendly fuels.

Composite ionic liquid alkylation technology gives high product yield and selectivity

Liu, Z., Zhang, R., Meng, X., Liu, H., Xu, C., China University of Petroleum; Zhang, X., Beijing Zhongshi Aojie Petroleum Technology Co. Ltd.; Chung, W., Well Resources Inc.

Global sentiment has been moving toward a call to develop innovative technologies that address environmental preservation and limit the use of hazardous materials.