Kobayashi, Y.

Yokogawa Electric Corp., Sugar Land, Texas

Yasunori Kobayashi is a Senior Manager and Executive Consultant at Yokogawa. He has 30 yr of consulting experience in process automation, and more than 10 yr of management experience in R&D, marketing, sales, operations and services. Mr. Kobayashi has led projects developing new solutions, including procedural automation using AI (Exapilot), software sensors using Neural Networks (Exaneuro), real-time alarm browsers in DCS (CAMS), automation benchmarking (CEA), knowledge-based graphics using ergonomics (AOG), and remote monitoring and consulting using cloud technology (KBC Co-Pilot Program).

OT/IT integration for profit-driven operation

Kobayashi, Y., Yokogawa Electric Corp.

Operational technology/information technology integration is required for sharing information among all levels of manufacturing organizations to achieve profit-driven operation, which helps process industry companies implement real-time production performance improvements that are aligned from the management level to the plant floor.