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In the early years of publishing Hydrocarbon Processing, all of the content was in print. The bound annual copies in our company library illustrate the evolution from being an offshoot of World Oil, focused upon natural gasoline manufacturing, to now color magazines: covering refining, petrochemical and gas processing. What we now offer as separate annual handbooks, data or web-based data resources back then were all bound in the magazine issue. Monthly newsletters have become overnight daily e-news, using news items we post online throughout the day.

In publishing, the digital revolution impacts how we offer content, e.g. “process handbooks,” which were within an annual issue of the magazine, became a CD-ROM product, and are now on USB. The demand for video has resulted in sponsored webcasts, as well as the inclusion of video screenshots in printed technical article figures. In the online edition of the magazine, this same screenshot is playable as a video, often on the author's YouTube channel. HP also produces video and webcasts of our own editorial offerings, such as our annual HPI forecast.

Our publisher hosts a number of global events, as do all six publications within Gulf Publishing. In addition, by mutual agreement, we cover many other relevant industry events, including producing the show dailies for several large events. So, you might well wonder, how do YOU as an individual reader, or a company’s communications or marketing representative, submit content for our magazines or events?

This is now quite streamlined, with separate email addresses, also online forms for workflows.

  • Email press releases, other time-sensitive information to If relevant & newsworthy, they go up at, with select items featured on overnight eNewsletter
  • "Show Daily" submissions, which come from companies, are required a few months before those events that we cover under contract. When we publicize the submission window is open, email them to Show Dailies editor.
  • Article submissions are a two-step process:
    • First step is submit a title and an abstract using this on-line form: We review this against our editorial calendar backlog, and let you know a) if it is accepted, and b) which feature section in which it will be placed.
    • The next step, should we accept the abstract, is to upload the full article in MS Word, plus figures in native format, using an online form link provided by the Technical Editor. All those documents go into our internal queue for scheduling, filed by lead author's last name.
    • Final step for the lead author is to ensure an author bio and headshot is uploaded, for each author named in the article bylines.
  • For events, once the call for submissions go out, potential presenters submit one abstract online. This form also asks what type of audience the presentation would target, and what experience a presenter has that is relevant to their topic. Our Technical Advisory Board will then select the successful abstracts.
  • Those accepted are asked to submit a longer bio than in the magazine, as well as a headshot. These are needed for pre-event publicity, also later in the conference program provided to attendees. A form link is given to each presenter to upload their slides, using an event template we provide. View our latest events calendar online.

If you want to write for our magazine, or to present at our events, we recommend getting a manager’s approval, based on an abstract. If you plan to cite a client project, get their consent as well, which can include them not being named; in a technical article, it is the case study or lesson learned that we seek. For more details about submitting an article, see

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