Schneider Electric Innovation Summit '17: TechnipFMC optimizes modeling software with partnership

By Adrienne Blume, Executive Editor

At Schneider Electric's Innovation Summit: Software Conference in San Antonio, Texas, a Day 1 session devoted to downstream oil and gas strategy featured a customer success story of engineering excellence.

Vice President of Schneider Electric
Vice President of Schneider Electric's Trading, Planning and Scheduling Business.

Harpreet Gulati, Vice President of Schneider Electric's Trading, Planning and Scheduling Business, first gave an overview of the significant change happening in the downstream oil and gas sector. Schneider Electric covers two important lifecycles that are part of this change: plant asset and value chain.

Key digital value propositions, explained Mr. Gulati, include engineering excellence, asset excellence, supply chain excellence and operational excellence.

Engineering success with combined software. Next, Eric Wagner and Gary Eagleson of TechnipFMC shared their customer success story. Dr. Wagner opened the discussion with an introduction to SPYRO, a TechnipFMC tool for the dynamic modeling of ethylene furnaces in the company's DYNSIM Operating Technical System (OTS).

TechnipFMC's longtime partnership with Schneider Electric has allowed the company to link its modeling software with Schneider's software to create more powerful modeling tools, Mr. Wagner said.

Gary Eagleson of TechnipFMC next presented an engineering case study of how TechnipFMC used SPYRO dynamic modeling in DYNSIM for ethylene furnaces. The software creates ethylene cracker yield models for furnace design and performance prediction, and each model is tailored for an individual application. The integration of TechnipFMC's SPYDR software into the DYNSIM OTS also allows for the calculation of coking rates and coke layer profiles.

TechnipFMC launched the software combination program about a year ago. Mr. Wagner noted that the company was initially unsure if the desired speed would be achieved. However, the TechnipFMC–Schneider Electric software combination exceeded anticipated results, leading to the creation of a better dynamic model.

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