Key Industry Topics Announced for IRPC Americas

Join key industry leaders as they discuss topics highlighting the technological innovations and regional market insights in the hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI). IRPC Americas attendees can listen to presentations on:

Digital Twins For Training: “High Fidelity Simulators: Digital Twins for Training” Day Two Keynote: Kheng Lau BP Refining Technology and Engineering Simulation Advisor

The use of high fidelity simulators in training operators has been reported by many operating companies. Some examples of successes in BP’s refining training simulator program will be shared. With the advancement of modeling technology over the past 20 years, the creation of digital twins of operating units in refineries has also advanced to the stage where use of rigorous dynamic process models connecting to DCS is commonly done nowadays. However, the maintenance of the simulators is still a daunting task. Some of the key challenges will be shared. Software and DCS vendors have a significant opportunity in changing the landscape for using the unit “Digital Twins” in delivering a fundamental different experience in learning. Improving the ease of maintaining the simulator can go a long way in increasing the use of simulator-based training in the industries.

Day One Keynote: Manav Lahoti, Commercial Director-US Olefins, The Dow Chemical Company

Join our keynote speaker, Manav Lahoti, Commercial Director-US Olefins at The Dow Chemical Company as he shares four key priorities that factor into Dow’s investment decisions with a “case study” approach to why the Company decided to invest heavily and early in the U.S. Gulf Coast and how North America compares to other regions.

Clean Fuels: Gasoline sulfur reduction without octane loss: Joseph C. Gentry, Vice-President Licensing and Technology (GTC Technology
This presentation describes a case study for a new technology that reduces sulfur in FCC gasoline by using solvent-enhanced extraction. The GT-BTX PluS® technology extracts the sulfur plus aromatics species from the full-range of untreated gasoline.

Process Controls: Advanced process control of debutanizers makes use of inferential predictions: Zak Friedman, Principal Consultant (Petrocontrol) and Rebecca Pardaen (Total Petrochemicals and Refining USA, Inc) 
This presentation describes a generalized distillation shortcut (GDS) applied at Total’s Lindsey oil refinery in Lincolnshire, UK. The case study provides the results of examinations of two debutanizers.

Refinery and Petrochemical Integration: Rise in the integration of refining and petrochemical operations: Jerry Price, Director, Petrochemicals (Jacobs Engineering)
Mr. Price will discuss market factors behind the rise in interest of highly-integrated refining and petrochemical complexes. He will explore examples of how these proposed complexes can be configured to maximize profitability as well as discuss the potential competitive advantages for various processing schemes.

Meeting IMO Regulations: MSAR: Fuel for power generation, marine bunkers and refinery uses: Mark Whittle, Head of Projects (Quadrise Fuels International) 
MSAR® synthetic HFO technology (oil-in-water emulsion) enables refiners to implement small capital, low risk, short-cycle residue upgrading projects in less than a year, while eliminating cutter-stock requirements and producing lower cost fuel for bunker, power and industrial applications.

Catalysts: Advantages of hydroprocessing for the production of high-quality diesel and lube base stocks: Terry Helton, Licensing Manager (ExxonMobil)
This presentation outlines several case studies to describe the advantages of catalytic hydroprocessing technology for diesel and lube dewaxing over older processes. The case studies will highlight how operators of these plants have been able to capture significant value from the superior productivity, selectivity, run length and robustness of the newest generation of catalytic hydrodewaxing and hydrofinishing processes.

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