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With decades of experience, AMETEK Process Instruments offers an extensive range of gas and moisture analyzers. These unique technologies and advanced designs provide the critical measurements needed to optimize processes, ensuring high quality products in safe operating conditions.
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Decarbonizing combustion in existing facilities drives need for high hydrogen fuels
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Now more than ever, end users are confronted with the challenges of retrofitting their plants to meet evolving environmental and regulatory targets. Operators of combustion equipment have many options available to meet their long-term decarbonization targets.

The four critical measurements of combustion analyzers
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Combustion measurements are critical to ensure the safe and efficient operation of fired equipment. These measurements provide the information needed to make key decisions, such as setting air/fuel ratios at the burner, lowering excess air setpoints, detecting the presence of carbon monoxide breakthrough and alerting accumulation of a fuel-rich mixture.

Measuring water vapor in hydrocarbon streams
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Extracted from a variety of different sources, natural gas is composed of many different hydrocarbons and includes other, less desirable, impurities. These impurities – such as water, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide – are removed due to adverse effects.

Hot-wet measurement in a sulfur recovery unit
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Hot-wet continuous emission monitoring (CEM) measurement means analyzing the stack gas sample on an as-is basis, which ensures that the integrity of the sample, from extraction through analysis, is maintained. Keeping a good heat integrity in hot-wet measurement is very important to prevent the condensation of acid mist or water vapor.

Addressing the impacts of changing regulations and feedstocks in sulfur recovery units
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The efficient and reliable operation of sulfur recovery units (SRUs) continues to be critical to hydrocarbon processors, which are tasked with delivering end products that contain lower levels of sulfur while simultaneously reducing the amount of sulfur that is emitted to the local environment.