Siemens Energy

With more than a century of experience in develop and delivering marine solutions and systems, Siemens Energy forms an anchor of the strong positions held in the marine industry. As a solution provider, Siemens Energy delivers advanced electrical equipment, services, systems, and solutions for all types of tankers, carriers, ships, naval and offshore vessels, and submarines. By providing tailor-made and proven solutions for power, drive, and automation technology- Siemens Energy is a reliable partner for owner, operators, and shipyards. Powering the shipping industry forward towards new regulatory emission regulations, also means setting new courses of innovation. As a pioneer, Siemens Energy offers advanced solutions designed to optimize performance of Marine assets while complying with the regulatory standards for improved environmental requirements . Wherever your ships sail, Siemens Energy is always nearby with a global network of subsidiaries, providing service and after sales support.
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