Sphera creates a safer, more sustainable and productive world. Our innovative cloud-based platform connects an unprecedented amount of information that leads to deeper insights across an enterprise. We operationalize, scale and optimize Integrated Risk and Sustainability Management strategies to help customers identify, manage, and mitigate risk in the areas of Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S), Operational Risk Management and Product Stewardship. Proactively manage risk, achieve compliance, drive sustainable performance and keep your people and assets safe with solutions that help consistently assess and manage risk across the enterprise and deliver an accurate view of system conditions.
Featured Articles
Biggest Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) ROI Drivers
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How reducing spare parts inventory helped one company achieve MRO inventory optimization.

How To Build a Chemical Management Machine Fueled By Data
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With ever-changing regulations, your chemical management program can only be as strong as the data that fuels it.

Building a Resilient Safety Strategy
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Health and safety risks are evolving. Your strategy should be too.

‘Green’ Means Go: Enter Dynamic Risk Pathways
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A risk pathway is a roadway less traveled in the world of Process Safety Management simply because it’s a thoroughfare that was extremely difficult to traverse—until now.

Why Shutdown/Turnaround Planning and Execution Need to be Digitally Disrupted
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By connecting disparate data and business processes, digitalization can provide teams with a complete view of the risks and activities involved in the shutdown/turnaround scope.

The Shift to Dynamic and Simulated Risk: 2020 Survey Report
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One giant leap toward dynamic and simulated risk begins with Sphera’s 2020 PSM & ORM report results.

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