October 2022

Hydrocarbon Processing Awards 2022

2022 HP Awards Finalists

Hydrocarbon Processing, the downstream processing sector’s leading technical publication for 100 yr, has announced the finalists for its sixth annual HP Awards, which celebrate innovative technologies and people that have been instrumental in improving facility operations over the past year.

Nichols, Lee, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Hydrocarbon Processing, the downstream processing sector’s leading technical publication for 100 yr, has announced the finalists for its sixth annual HP Awards, which celebrate innovative technologies and people that have been instrumental in improving facility operations over the past year. The awards cover 16 strategic categories. More than 100 nominations were submitted from countries around the world. Each abstract will be voted on by an independent Hydrocarbon Processing advisory board. The following is a complete list of the finalists in each category. The winners will be announced during an awards ceremony at the Houstonian in Houston, Texas on October 12. 


Application of AI technologies and data-driven decision system in manufacturing for improving gasification operation and reliability, Reliance Industries Ltd.

Reliance developed a data-driven decision system, based on AI and explainable AI, to improve gasifier operation and reliability.

Factorial Kernel Dynamic Policy Programming (FKDPP), Yokogawa

Jointly developed by Yokogawa and the Nara Institute of Science and Technology, FKDPP is the first reinforcement learning-based AI system that can be utilized in plant management. It can be used to autonomously control chemical plant operations, ensuring product quality and energy savings.

Forecast 360™, Symphony Industrial AI

This all-inclusive process performance management solution combines process condition insights, performance metrics and process history to enable operators to self-optimize operations. This capability provides producers with assets that continuously adapt to demand, variations in supply, process deviations and human factors.


AMS Asset Monitor with AMS Machine Works Software v1.7, Emerson

This software is an online, continuous condition monitoring system that offers maintenance and reliability personnel an affordable, flexible solution for monitoring the health of a plant’s assets.

Honeywell Forge Corrosion Advisor |Predict®-Crude, Honeywell

Predict®-Crude enables accurate quantification of corrosion due to naphthenic acid and sulfidic corrosion in crude refining operations.

Integrated Corrosion Management System for a Refinery and Petrochemical Complex, Reliance Industries Ltd.

Reliance has built an integrated system to monitor, mitigate and remedy corrosion within operations. This includes a team to monitor and inspect for corrosion, incorporating digital technologies for predictive maintenance and analysis on high-risk areas for corrosion, among others.

OpreX Asset Health Insights, Yokogawa

OpreX AHI is a cloud-based plant asset monitoring service that collects, refines, models and aggregates data from distributed assets. The service enables customers to easily model and manage data based on the plant hierarchy defined by the ISA-95 standard. It is equipped with AI and machine-learning analytics capabilities.


High-Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS), Integrated Global Services

HVTS is a robust solution that extends the life of existing equipment. HVTS cladding upgrades existing metallurgy to higher alloys and acts as a corrosion/erosion barrier in mission-critical equipment, including boilers, process vessels, towers and columns.

Largest coker unit reliability enhancement and expansion with uninterrupted operations, Reliance Industries Ltd.

This project involved replacing eight coke drums at Reliance’s facility without shutting down coker operations, which would have been prohibitively expensive. This included the use of two of the world’s largest coke drums that were used while the coke drums were replaced.

LUMINAI Refinery Advisor, Beyond Limits

Luminai Refinery Advisor is a cloud-based decision support tool that guides refinery operators to hit production planning targets and improves reliability in operations and startups.


Advanced process control system in LDPE, Reliance Industries Ltd.

For the first time, Reliance incorporated advanced process control in a 2,400-barg pressure tubular reactor in its low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plant. This supervisory control system monitors and regulates the existing distributed control system controllers for a safe and reliable operation.

ftServer, Stratus Technologies

ftServer is a fully integrated, continuously available hardware and software solution for running tier-one business critical workloads and edge applications. The 11th generation Stratus ftServer, released in 2021, incudes features to scale performance and provide maximum flexibility when deployed in edge environments.

PlantESP Plus, Control Station

PlantESP is a control loop performance monitoring (CLPM) technology that facilitates the identification and isolation of issues that undermine production efficiency and throughput. In August 2021, Control Station released PlantESP Plus, an enhanced version that equips users with advanced state-based analytics and addresses known limitations within other CLPM offerings.

Plantwide Optimizer, Honeywell

Devised as a novel type of primary advanced control (APC) controller, Plantwide Optimizer inherits a yield-property model from the planning layer and acquires operating constraints from the secondary APC layer, driving true sitewide optimization in a closed loop. This effectively addresses a long-existing gap between planning and control as the plan generated is often not the one implemented.


Fourtitude™ FCC Catalyst, BASF

This new technology is an FCC catalyst designed to maximize butylenes from resid feedstocks.

Reliance Olefins Removal Catalytic Technology (REL-ORCAT), Reliance Industries Ltd.

REL-ORCAT is a zeolite-based adsorbent for bromine index reduction in aromatics. It is regenerable, less costly and has a better lifecycle.

Layered organic hybrid-zeolite catalyst for alkylation of benzene with propylene, Sinopec

Sinopec has developed a layered MWW zeolite catalyst to enhance the alkylation of benzene with propylene.



AVEVA Data Hub is a cloud-native operations data platform that removes the barriers to data sharing using the scale and flexibility of the cloud. It is fully integrated with AVEVA PI Server and with AVEVA’s edge data solutions to form a comprehensive, edge-to-cloud data management platform.

Connect’In®, Axens

This technology includes a remote unit monitoring system displaying process data analyzed through high-fidelity kinetic models for engineers, operators and management on an online platform, as well as comparisons between the raw operating data and calculated operating parameters. Connect’In® utilizes immediate process data to deliver real-time, custom-made performance indicators using high-fidelity models.

Shiftconnector®, Eschbach

The Shiftconnector platform helps plant management record and report on shift team and production support activities. It uses an intuitive cloud-based software interface that allows for customization based on plant needs and individual role needs. It links shift teams and departments, providing a continuous 24/7, real-time status of plant operations.

Lummus Digital, Lummus Technology

Leveraging the latest developments in cloud computing, AI and data science, Lummus Digital helps customers eliminate the complexity and burden of analyzing the immense volume of data they create, simplifying their data streams to gain clearer insights to make better business decisions.

TrendMiner, TrendMiner, a software AG company

TrendMiner is an intuitive web-based, self-service analytics platform for rapid-fire visualization of time series-based process and asset data. Available as a SaaS, on-premises or private cloud solution, the plug-and-play software adds value immediately after deployment and enables cross-site teams to collaborate, learn and improve the overall performance of all production facilities.


MeOH-To-Go® plant system, Modular Plant Solutions

The MeOH-To-Go® (or Methanol-To-Go®) modular plant reforms natural gas feedstock to syngas and then converts the syngas to Grade AA methanol.

DLNG liquified natural gas, Damietta Liquified Natural Gas

Fischer-Tropsch GTL, Uzbekistan GTL

In June 2022, Uzbekistan GTL began operations on the $3.4-B GTL plant. The facility processes 3.6 Bm3y of natural gas from the nearby Shurtan Gas Chemical complex to produce GTL diesel, GTL kerosene, GTL naphtha and other fuels.


Rajeev Kumar, Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd.

Gil Cohen, Imubit


Honeywell Safety Watch, Honeywell

Honeywell Safety Watch is a real-time locating solution that monitors workforce safety. Its benefits include reducing mustering time, enabling faster search and rescue, improving security by monitoring restricted area movements, reducing unproductive time and delays, and improving contract workforce utilization and productivity.

VOCs reduction at Raffineria di Milazzo’s SRUs complex stack, Raffineria di Milazzo, an Eni SpA and Kuwait Petroleum Italia JV

This project incorporated an innovative solution to mitigate volatile organic compounds at the emissions point of the Raffineria di Milazzo’s refinery’s sulfur recovery complex.

Digital enablement and remote monitoring deployment to ensure best-in-class HSEF performance for high-risk critical operation and shutdown, Reliance Industries Ltd.

The refiner’s Jamnagar complex instituted new innovative practices to achieve a higher level of safety during startup/shutdown of several units during COVID-19 lockdowns, which posed a serious threat to safety management systems due to a scarcity of skilled resources and personnel onsite.


SERVOPRO DF-700 NanoTrace series, Gen 7, Servomex

The analyzer delivers proven, industry-leading trace and ultra-trace measurements of moisture in ultra-high-purity gases. The new Gen 7 improves field serviceability and features solid-state storage for ultimate reliability.

Proline 10 flowmeter line, Endress+Hauser

The latest edition Proline 10 flowmeter contains even more benefits for plant flow measurement than its previous iterations, including wireless remote access, errors and remedy information, low cost of ownership, minimal maintenance, and better diagnostics and monitoring functions, among other benefits.


Aspen Fidelis™, Aspen Technology

This solution provides decision-makers with economics information that goes beyond the equipment level and accurately predicts future asset performance of the whole system. Aspen Fidelis provides detailed analysis to help guide strategic decisions for project prioritization such as spare parts management, tankage, demurrage reduction and debottlenecking efforts.

AVEVA™ Process Simulation, Sustainable Process Engineering, AVEVA

AVEVA Process Simulation brings agility to the entire process lifecycle of design, simulation, training and operations to deliver the process side of the digital twin and accelerate the engineering cycle. Engineers can collaborate across disciplines in a single integrated platform to explore all dimensions of a potential design and quantify the impact on sustainability, feasibility and profitability.

Visual MESA Supply Chain Scheduling (VM-SCS), KBC Advanced Technologies, a Yokogawa Company

VM-SCS delivers end-to-end analytics to support operations management of refinery and petrochemical complexes using an integrated supply chain model. It uses automated data integration to effectively deploy cutting-edge algorithms for scheduling optimization and best alternative search options.

Process Engineering ToolS Software (PETS® 5.0), Stratus Engineering, Inc.

PETS 5.0 is an engineering software product with more than 30 frequently used engineering modeling tools. The software performs hydraulic analysis, equipment sizing, relief calculations, instrument sizing, physical properties and much more.

HeX 360™, Symphony Industrial AI

The technology enables plant personnel to more effectively model and predict heat exchanger fouling.

Topnir™ Crude Modeling, Topnir

The technology provides a comprehensive crude assay in a matter of minutes and can obtain data on the following aspects of crude oil: API, sulfur content, total acid number, yields and many others.

UniSim® Design: Designing green hydrogen facilities, Honeywell

New improvements to UniSim Design allow for the modeling and design of green hydrogen facilities with added models for the two most prominent and established electrolyzer technologies: alkaline and proton exchange membrane electrolysis.


Atol®, Axens

The Atol technology produces bio-ethylene from renewable resources with improved ethylene yield and lower energy consumption [including lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions] with equipment optimization.

Eni innovative bio-based Friction Reducer Additive for lubricants, Eni

ENI has developed an innovative, bio-based and metal free friction reducer additive for next-generation lubricants derived from oleic acid and a glycerol derivative, both originated from renewable sources.

Novolen®, Lummus Technology

The latest Novolen technology brings unprecedented efficiency and cost effectiveness to a full range of polypropylene (PP) production. The process has also undergone a scaleup that has tripled its single line capacity, resulting in single reactor plant capacity exceeding 600,000 tpy.

Disentangled ultra-high molecular weight PE (UHMWPE), Reliance Industries Ltd.

Reliance has developed a catalytic technology for controlling entanglements of polymer chains at the polymerization stage, thus unshackling the polyolefin material and providing processability in the solid state for developing commercial products economically and in an eco-friendly manner.

R1–R2 reactors series operation for homo-polymer grades, Reliance Industries Ltd.

This two-stage reactor system is a novel PP gas phase fluidized bed reactor technology, which can increase production by more than 10%.

Thermal Crude-to-Chemicals (TC2C™), Saudi Aramco

TC2C’s novel TC2C technology provides a high chemical yield which enables chemical production at world-scale ethylene capacity at low crude intake.

Catalytic Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Butenes (ODH Process), Sinopec

The ODH process produces butadiene from low-value C4 olefins byproduct from methanol-to-olefins units, steam crackers and refineries. It is exothermic and can produce 1,3-butadiene with high selectivity at a lower temperature than steam cracking processes.


Horizontal method for tray distillation and gas-liquid contact operations, ASIM Communication Pvt. Ltd.

This horizontal tray technology is an easy-to-install, less hazardous and efficient technology for distillation.

Dearomatized Kerosene (HP-DAK) technology, Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd.

The HP-DAK technology is a combination of indigenous processes and catalysts to produce high-value specialty solvents from refinery streams.

Development, commercialization, scaleup and upgrade of a benzene recovery unit, Reliance Industries Ltd.

This technology is an optimized way to recover benzene from FCC gasoline streams.

Enhanced Annular Reforming Tube for Hydrogen and syngas (EARTH®), Technip Energies, Clariant Catalysts

EARTH is a drop-in insert consisting of a structured reforming catalyst and concentric flow tubes, installed in existing or new reformer tubes, to simultaneously achieve higher throughput and heat recovery in steam reformers.


Algae-to-Oil (A2O), Reliance Industries Ltd.

The facility aims to develop the world’s largest crude bio-oil technologies for renewable energy production by converting algae into biofuels.

AspenTech Sustainability Models, Aspen Technology

These 60 pre-calibrated sustainability models, validated against research publications and customer data, streamline the creation of models to meet customer sustainability goals, helping to jumpstart or accelerate initiatives around energy efficiency, emissions management, the hydrogen economy, carbon capture and storage, and waste recycling.

Plastic FCC (PFCC) accelerated by virtual reactor simulation, Encina Development Group, LLC, CPFD Software

This technology is a PFCC process that converts mixed, hard-to-recycle plastics into chemicals such as light olefins and BTX aromatics.

Modular Carbon Capture and Storage (MCCS™), Entropy Inc.

This project was a collaboration between Entropy and Regina’s Clean Energy and Technology Research Institute, which used the innovative MCCS technology and high-performance solvent: Entropy23™ (E23). E23 enables faster reaction kinetics and high CO2 capture efficiency, among other benefits.

Honeywell Forge Energy and Emissions Management, Honeywell

This technology solution is based on Honeywell Forge APM that helps maintenance and HSSE teams go beyond predictive maintenance and focus on the energy efficiency of critical assets in the plant, enabling more sustainable operations.

Mina Al-Ahmadi refinery ATK pool sulfur specification initiative, Kuwait National Petroleum Company

This project ensured that the Mina Al-Ahmadi refinery’s ATK pool adhered to the revised sulfur specification of 1%.

Blue ammonia demonstration project, Saudi Aramco

The objective of this project was to showcase Aramco’s capabilities in producing and exporting CO2-free blue ammonia as an alternative fuel.


Trushit Oza, Axens North America

Anirudha Kulkarni, Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd.

Brett Beauregard, Control Station

Praveen Tayal, Honeywell

Daniel McCloskey, Lummus Technology

Derek Jones, Lummus Technology

Zhong (John) He, Lummus Technology

Christopher Runneberg, S&B Engineers and Constructors


Didier Lambert, Topnir

Matthew Burd, Honeywell

Raksh Vir Jasra, Reliance Industries Ltd.

Surinder Singh Saini, Reliance Industries Ltd. HP

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