Fujian picks KBC software for China petrochemical, refining optimization project

KBC Advanced Technologies has signed a contract for a large optimization and efficiency project in China, the global software and consulting solutions provider said on Thursday.

The project is with Fujian Refining and Petrochemical Corp. (FREP), a joint venture comprised of of Fujian Petrochemical Co., ExxonMobil, China Petroleum & Petrochemical Co. and Saudi Aramco.

Under the multi-million US dollar contract, KBC will provide a 5-year Petro-SIM and ProSteam software license, build a refinery and petrochemical integrated flowsheet model, online utility optimizer and complex-wide LP model, and train Fujian personnel on software model building and applications.

"Implementation of the project can effectively improve the production and operation conditions of FREP and provide strong technical support and a vast application platform for FREP's optimization and profit improvement work," said Brian Ablett, vice president for FREP.

"We are delighted that this prestigious Sinopec/ExxonMobil/Aramco JV facility has selected KBC software applications and consulting services after a thorough evaluation and we look forward to being able to add significant value to this large refining and petrochemical complex as a result," added Ian Godden, KBC executive chairman. 

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