USTDA to host reverse trade mission for refinery optimization with India government, executives

The US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) is hosting the India Refineries Performance Optimization Reverse Trade Mission in January. What is the goal of this visit and who are the players?

  • USTDA is hosting a group of Indian oil and gas officials, and senior executives from state-owned and private sector Indian refineries on a visit to the United States where they will see the design, manufacture, and operation of US goods and services. The visit will introduce the delegates to US companies that can meet India’s needs as the country invests in producing cleaner fuels and improving refineries’ performance and operations. This reverse trade mission carries out USTDA’s mission of creating US jobs through the export of US goods and services for priority development projects in emerging economies. Currently, USTDA’s programs generate $95 of US exports for every $1 programmed.
  • Skipping Stone is acting as a technical advisor for USTDA’s upcoming India Refineries Performance RTM, in addition to providing necessary infrastructure support to developing countries. These programs are huge job creators for the US energy technology sector.

Since India has a large and well-established refining sector, why is this RTM occurring now?

  • The first visit of 2018 involves a delegation from India’s oil and petrochemical sector. Recently India has passed air quality regulations for its transportation sector to become compliant with new Bharat VI air quality standards (analogous to European Union standards) by 2020. The Indian oil refineries currently cannot manufacture the fuel to meet the new air quality standards and must invest billions of dollars in the near future.  By connecting Indian refining firms with US companies that provide modern conversion process technologies and licenses, residue upgradation technologies, engineering services and expertise, the RTM will help Indian oil firms find US solutions to upgrade their refining operations to produce higher-quality fuels.

When and where will USTDA hold the business briefing?

  • A business opportunity briefing for US companies which may be interested in supplying product, services and solutions to India’s Refining Sector will be held in Houston on Wednesday, January 17th, 2018. During the business opportunity briefing the delegation will be giving overview presentations on their projects, technology requirements and overall project budgets. There will also be time available for one on one meetings with the individual RTM delegates. For more information on the RTM and the business briefing please contact Sean Tolliver of Experient at or 703-239-7494.

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