IRPC Europe attendees will get a rare glimpse inside Eni’s EST facility

The Sannazzaro Refinery was built in 1963 with an initial raw processing capacity of 5 MMtpy.

Over the years, the refinery has been enhanced with technological improvements that have increased the processing capacity to 11 MMtpy. The facility now boasts a level of complexity and conversion capacity that is among the highest in Europe.

ENI's EST facility

Technology and efficiency, together with an ideal logistical position and flexibility towards market and environmental requirements, make the 260-hectare Sannazzaro Refinery a keystoneof the Refining & Marketing division of Eni.

Our strengths: Moving toward total conversion

The market for petroleum products for energy use is increasingly constituted by fuels of high quality and low environmental impact. Heavy fuels that have a greater environmental impact are gradually being replacedby other sources of energy. The increase in the refinery’s conversion capacity responds to these dual market and environmental requirements: transforming heavier oil products, such as fuel oil, into more valuable products, such as petrol and diesel. The Sannazzaro Refinery has become what is called a "white refinery," i.e., a refinery with a minimum production of heavy products.

The 2006 commissioning of the gasification plant—which uses heavy residues to produce sulfur-free and non-polluting  synthesis gas to feed the Eni Power power plant—and the 2008 startup of the deasphalting plant, have already allowed the refinery to reduce the percentage of heavy fuels to below 10%.

The startup of the EST (Eni Slurry Technology) unit, the first industrial unit of Eni's proprietary technology, now allows a further reduction of heavy fuels of up to 4%. The visit of the IRPC delegates includes an initial welcome and presentations by refinery officials, an overview of the EST, and a brief safety briefing. IRPC delegates will then enter the refinery for a tour of the main conversion plants, the entrance into the control room of EST and a more specific tour of the Eni Slurry Technology plant. A buffet lunch hosted by Eni will conclude the half day.

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